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Since 1966, KEB has always been known as one of Kuwait’s most venerable and trusted consultancies. KEB services include architecture, engineering, planning and project management services. By having KEB under Mudon Group, it was possible to develop a full strategy that combines leasing and engineering services for Mudon Group’s clients (i.e. The landlords). Or in other words, Mudon has managed by having KEB under the Group’s umbrella to facilitate the process of the Real Estate’s engineering design, construction and licensing along with the developer, retailer and investor demands and requirements. Such coordination saves time and money. By joining Mudon Group, a mutual business has been made between both companies which simultaneously has attracted more clients who are welling to enjoy the quality of service that KEB provides starting from market surveying to owning a running real estate that is making a big fat profit.

PIMCO for property management was established in 2014. It offers a wide range of services such as Leasing, Facility Management, Soft Services (CCTV) and other benefits to the landlords; which eventually adds up to the value of the real estate assets. PIMCO has joined Mudon Group to maintain the achieved increase in the market share and to pursue the dream of having a Real Estate group that provides full service to the landlords. Hence, PIMCO has serviced a total of 25 projects and 1412 leasing units since joining Mudon Group, which has played a crucial part in adding up to the properties’ nominal and market value.


Old Diamond Advertising was established in 2016 assist companies with the planning, design, and execution phases of their marketing activities. Old Diamond Advertising , help clients implement and manage marketing operations and strategies to achieve their business goals.

Activities :

  • Public relations & Events
  • Brand management
  • Print marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media


  • Identify valuable marketing strategies
  • Implement marketing solutions
  • Evaluate marketing results
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