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To sustain the highest standards of tenants and the quality of income, "Mudon" always advocates "PIMCO".

“Mudon” ensures the preservation of the property and neutralizes it from any problems by working expertly. It provides high-quality and adept expertise and the know-how of the smallest details of regulations and all legal issues that govern the ownership and operation of real estate.

It has succeeded in providing supervision services over residential, commercial, and administrative real estate, and working on its own behalf or on behalf of its owner according to the type of projects, to maintain the value of real estate and its complete safety, ensuring the most effective and suitable investment, and establishing a good relationship between owners and tenants that is free from any obstacles or issues, and so on. Property management services provided by PIMCO:

  • Tenant Relations & Fit out.
  • Facility Management (MEP).
  • Rent collection & online payment service.
  • Soft Services.
  • Security.
  • Operation Services & Help Desk.
  • Mall Customer Service.
  • Health and Life Safety.
  • Social Media Management

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