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MUDON: 6,250 Complexes, Markets, and Commercial Buildings in Kuwait

Oct 04 , 2023

Mudon Group called for expansion in the establishment of entertainment, tourism and commercial facilities in Kuwait in the upcoming years. Mudon Group has called for the expansion of entertainment, tourism, and commercial facilities in Kuwait in the upcoming years to align with the government's plans aimed at rejuvenating both foreign and domestic tourism sectors within the framework of the strategy to diversify income sources and Kuwait's vision until the year 2030. The group detailed in a specialized report that despite the growth in the number of entertainment, tourism, and commercial establishments in Kuwait in recent years, these sectors still offer significant investment opportunities due to the expected growth in demand for their units as plans and programs to boost foreign tourism flows, which revolve around 200 thousand tourists annually, compared to flows of up to 20 million tourists annually in neighboring countries. The report clarified that although Kuwait needs to construct more facilities in this sector and intensify efforts to attract foreign tourists, the statistics indicate a considerable number of existing facilities that can be optimized through improved management to enhance the tourism sector's potential.Furthermore, the report revealed a clear shortage in the hotel sector, with the number of hotels classified by the Civil Information Authority not exceeding 90, with most of them concentrated in the governorates of the capital, Hawalli, and Ahmadi, in contrast to several unclassified hotel apartment buildings.The report strongly emphasized the importance of swiftly enhancing Kuwait's tourism capabilities by expanding the provision of hotel management services. This would involve transforming and rehabilitating numerous hospitality establishments into facilities qualified to attract a more diverse range of internal and external tourists, catering to various classes and levels. Moreover, the report highlighted that collaboration between leading real estate management companies in Kuwait and specialized hotel management firms locally and globally presents a valuable opportunity to advance this critical sector. Such collaboration would benefit owners of facilities in need of rehabilitation and management and contribute to the overall development of the tourism sector.


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