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Engineering Consultancy plays an important role in ensuring the safety of construction for members of society, and it also has a corresponding importance in adding aesthetics to any country through architectural designs appropriate to its nature.

By having "KEB" under "Mudon" Group, it was possible to develop a full strategy that combines leasing and engineering services for Mudon Group’s clients (i.e. the landlords). In other words, "Mudon" has managed- by having "KEB" under the Group’s umbrella- to facilitate the process of the Real Estate’s engineering design, construction and licensing along with the developer, retailer and investor demands and requirements.

Through this service, Mudon provides various designs and infrastructure for projects that contribute to enriching the economic, social, and environmental life of the community.

Mudon, thanks to its acquisition of Kuwait Engineering House, added many packages to its services, especially in architectural design, planning, and construction supervision. It also succeeded in developing a comprehensive strategy that combines engineering, leasing, and licensing services, which helped meet the needs of developers, retailers, and investors alike, ensuring promising returns for all parties.

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