MUDON offers a range of services in consideration of the diverse needs and requirements of local and regional markets, including:

Real Estate Development

Mudon specializes in offering turnkey solutions in real estate development. In cooperation with the company’s partners in the fields of Architecture, Human Resources, and Law, Mudon offers complete services: from site selection and legal negotiations, to shop fit outs and hiring team members. The tasks in developing a real estate project are as follows:

  • Best use Analysis Studies.
  • Prepare Project Feasability Study
  • Present the owner with Banks to get the required Financing.
  • Participate in the design programe for the Project.
  • Participating in and supervising the permitting process
  • Managing Leasing, Permitting and Construction as Owner representative.
  • Assuring the proper operation for the Project.
  • Prepare the evaluation Report for the Property after Operation.

Real Estate Leasing and Marketing

One of Mudon’s main activities is leasing real estate projects in Kuwait. The company has succeeded in gaining the market’s trust through many years of experience in leasing. Mudon works with a huge network of pioneer brands and conglomerates all over the GCC, like M.H. Alshaya Co., Habchi & Chalhoub, Azadea Group and many more. Mudon’s greatest strength is the scale of its projects and the illustrious companies it partners with, which is truly a strength of test for real estate companies. Most of the properties Mudon works with are shopping centers and restaurant complexes. In addition to operating in-house projects, Mudon is the leading company in Kuwait that markets projects by major developers.

The scope of real estate leasing covers the following:

  • Conducting market studies
  • Researching trade area demographics and customer psychographic and behavioral studies
  • Managing project segmentation
  • Managing project requirements for leasing
  • Leasing strategy including merchandise mix, tenants mix, rental matrix, expected revenues, and time frame
  • Marketing strategy including branding and positioning
  • Designing project presentations
  • Managing marketing tools and budgets like brochures, banners, websites, print ads, social media, exhibitions, advertising and marketing channels etc.
  • Lease agreement format
  • Prospecting and negotiating with local and international brands
  • Drafting format of quarterly leasing progress reports
  • Submitting leasing offers to tenants
  • Handling leasing, re-leasing, re-tenanting and renewals
  • Collecting payments in advance
  • Collecting annexed documents
  • Producing lease agreements

Construction Management

Mudon also assists companies in building their foundation by managing the construction phase of projects. It handles the building and erecting phase from foundation to finish, staying within budget and delivering on time. The main tasks of construction management comprise:

  • Following up with the client / designer / supervision consultant / contractor on their requirements throughout the construction life cycle
  • Monitoring and controlling project timeline and costs
  • Implementing latest project management tools and techniques to enhance the project with least cost and maximum efficiency
  • Controlling contract / construction variations
  • Reviewing and controlling contractor / consultant payments
  • Closing contractual projects
  • Maintaining and handing over project records to the client.

Project Management

Mudon operates on a comprehensive level in project management, and contributes by utilizing all the resources that the holding company has to offer. Every aspect is consolidated in a strategic and integrated arrangement in order to operate and produce a model and successful product. Mudon’s style of project management represents effective use of prudent management skills in achieving our strategic plan. Apart from the three main milestones of a successful property management, the main responsibilities of project management include:

  • Preparation of a master schedule for the project
  • Following up with the client / design representative at various design stages
  • Reviewing tender documents
  • Shortlisting renderers for the client's selection
  • Tendering the project
  • Reviewing and analyzing submitted tenders
  • Recommending best tender offer to the client