Managing Director Message

It gives me great pleasure to warmly welcome you to Mudon Ahlia Real Estate Company.

Mudon Ahlia has been active in the real estate development arena since 2008, and is today one of the leading real estate developers in Kuwait. In only a short time, Mudon has grown from being a family-owned real estate company to a force to be reckoned within the field. Today, the Mudon brand is associated with quality, creativity, and reliability.

Our strategy focuses on being the most trusted real estate developer in the region and building on our reputation and success. We aim to set new standards in real estate development by delivering innovative solutions in real estate development, leasing, and project management to ensure a long-term relationship between consumers and retailers.

We believe that planning for the future is the key to our success. We consider conducting business an art; art creates culture; culture shapes values; values determine a strong future; confirming that we have our sights set on the horizon.

To conclude, I take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to our clients for the trust and confidence they have placed in us. None of this would be possible without the employees who make up the Mudon family. I would also like to thank them for their sustained contributions in achieving the company’s goals.

Who we are

Mudon traces its roots back to 2008 in Kuwait. Since then, the company has witnessed exponential growth in real estate development. This is due to the management’s modern and contemporary vision that offers new and unique services and solutions in real estate leasing, development, and project management.

In Kuwait, Mudon has launched a number of leasing and asset management projects. It has proved its value by achieving outstanding results for clients from different sectors. In addition, the company has played an important role in the real estate sector by offering professional and architectural services that have uplifted and developed the profile of the community on a wider scale as well.

Today, Mudon has more than 160,000 sqm of gross leasable area, with more than 18 projects in Kuwait, and three internationally. With more than 1,412 leasing units and counting, Mudon is growing sky high.

Mission and Vision

Mudon aims to deliver innovative solutions, explore new areas, and become a leader in real estate development.The company is equipped and ready to meet the ever-increasing demand in the business sector in GCC.

Mudon envisions itself as a master planner and developer in Kuwait and the MENA region.

Mudon Structure

MUDON Subsidiary

Old Diamond For General Trading & Contracting is the retail and F&B arm of Mudon. It was established in 2007 and expanded into franchising in 2012. The company functions in the field of retail development and runs several brands in Kuwait, including fashion labels like Bonia, Cream, Incanto, and Oliver Weber; and franchise restaurants like Big Smoke Burger and Gerstner. Old Diamond has enough expertise and resources to accommodate the brands it operates in Kuwait in terms of financing and labor force.

Kuwait Engineering Bureau was founded in 1966, and has over the years set itself as a trusted and venerable consultant. The firm offers architecture, engineering, planning and project management services to its clients from all around the world. Kuwait Engineering Bureau has the unique ability to respect traditions while still keeping up with modern technology and techniques. The company focuses on providing sustainable solutions, ensuring to protecting the environment while making the best use of both local and global resources.

PIMCO specializes in managing, operating, and leasing all kinds of properties – retail, residential and commercial – managing every phase of the process from marketing to facilities management and security. Maximum optimization is the goal of PIMCO, and it does this by providing the best services at the best prices. The company aims to satisfy its clients and tenants by protecting their investments, increasing the value and the revenue of their assets.


Old Diamond for Advertising recently structured to offer media and advertising services for our companies, and to outsource in the future.